We are recognizing that it is quite important to support entrepreneurs whose vision is aligned with our vision. The followings are part of the list of the companies/organizations, which we are supporting. If you are interested in any of them, please contact us.
Whitelines Consulting K.K.

This Japanese management consulting firm is providing internal control consulting to small to medium companies.
Cafe House Tokyo

This Japanese real estate development company is strong on trend-oriented architectural planning and development. This company's flagship architecture is a new style furnished apartment in Tokyo, Premiere Tamagawa. This company is a spin-off operating company from Whitelines Consulting K.K.
Speac, inc.

Speac logo

This Japanese real estate consulting firm is strong on design-oriented architectural planning and renovation practice. This firm is also providing a unique real estate brokerage business through its website, realtokyoestate.
IBJ Inc.

IBJ logo

This Japanese Internet service company is strong on Internet marriage matching. Its flagship service, BridalNet, is one of the most famous Internet marriage matching service in Japan. This company went into IPO (Initial Public Offering) in December 2012 on JASDAQ under the Osaka Stock Exchange.
Humming Heads Inc.

HH logo

This Japanese software development company is leading security software market in Japan. Its flagship products, Security Platform and Defense Platform are the must-have products in the Internet digital environment.
Cloco Inc. 

This Japanese IP telephony and SAAS service provider company is boasting of its business phone and related communication services. It should be well evaluated that this company is challenging the field where the Japanese telecom giant, NTT, is monopolizing.
Transvirtual, Inc. 

Transvirtual logo

This Japanese network service company is launching home security/sensing services.